When You Don’t Need Pros – Moving Helpers To The Rescue

When it comes to moving into a new house or apartment, who doesn’t want Helpers?


Frankly, I’d prefer to have someone come in during the middle of the night, wave a magic wand, so I’d wake up in my bed at my new place with everything unpacked and clean. I meant that
last sentence to describe magical moving fairies, but, upon reflection, it sounds a little like
breaking and entering, instead.

Oh well.

either way, unless magical means are involved, my wallet fails to support my lazy habits when it comes to moving. Still, I most certainly need some sort of assistance. That’s where Lift It Moving  and Storage Labor’s “Helpers” come into play.


What are Helpers?

Helpers aren’t professional movers.

In fact, the Helpers who show up to move your boxes may not have ever worked a move before. Hiring Helpers is like asking your friends to help you move without having to worry that one Saturday the helper will turn around and ask you to return the favor. Helpers provide whatever service is required – from packing to loading to unloading – at your direction.

Moving is a fairly physical activity. It requires muscle, endurance, and a strong back. Many people, especially as we age, lose the physical ability to move everything. That’s where Helpers can pitch in. If you need to move a heavy couch and need extra hands, hire a Helper. If you need to load or unload a storage unit, that’s another scenario where Helpers can make a big impact. Throughout the move, you will need to provide guidance and direction, especially when it comes to loading a moving van.

At Lift It Moving and Storage, we background check all Helpers to ensure the people who walk through your living room don’t have a criminal background. The check is conducted upon hire and every seven years, thereafter. We check for information in all states where the person lived, so you can feel confident we’ve taken reasonable steps to ensure we work with standup individuals.

Helpers work on a per hour basis with various minimums. If you hire two Helpers, it’s a two-hour minimum. Three Helpers have a three-hour minimum, and one helper comes with a four-hour minimum. So, if you have three people working to unload your storage unit, and the job takes only two hours, the final bill will still reflect three hours. Now, if the job takes four hours, it changes things. The bill will reflect the agreed upon price for three hours, plus an additional hour at a per-hour rate.

Helpers receive workers compensation if they are injured on the job. When you are working with them, your home (the structure itself) is covered against damaged. However, because they are not professional movers, we are unable to cover damage to belongings.

What Helpers Are Not

Of course, in some situations, Helpers might not fit the bill.

Loading a moving van is part science, part art, and part experience. When you need to complete the complicated puzzle of fitting a dining room table into a moving van with a large-screen television and grandma’s antique bedroom furniture – all without ending up with nicked, scratched, or just plain broken items – it often takes someone who has done it before. Since there are no guarantees of experience with Helpers, Professional Movers may be a better solution for a three- to four-room house.

Just like Professional Movers, Helpers cannot move furniture over a balcony. It’s just unsafe and could damage the property. Also, Helpers have limitations when it comes to moving heavy items, like pool tables, gun safes, or pianos. In general, mention anything more than 300 pounds when you call in to schedule the move. These heavy items require an expertise to move. Therefore, when you call a local moving company, make sure to mention any heavy items. If you just need one more set of hands to move a hot tub, you can ask the Helpers to pitch in. These guys want to be helpful, so they will assess safety risks and physical limitations. If they can help, they will, but they have the right to decline, as well. That’s just to keep them, you, and the item safe.

Also, Helpers don’t come equipped with tools or dollies. From screwdrivers and hammers to two- and four-wheel dollies, you need to bring these necessities yourself. They are crucial to the move, so don’t forget them. Also, Helpers don’t bring blankets or padding – the unsung hero of moving. We recommend 12 blankets per room.

Helpers work great for small moves or moves with small budgets. They will arrive promptly, work hard, and pitch in wherever they can help. While they aren’t professional movers and require guidance throughout the move, Helpers come ready to take care of one of the hardest parts of your move – the lifting and carrying.

Have you worked with Helpers in a past move? How was the experience? Share it with us in the comments below.