Lift It Moving and Storage is your piano moving specialist. Whether you have an upright or spinet piano. Or a larger baby grand or grand piano. We have moved them all many times before. There are also different types of unique piano’s like a box grand piano, player piano, or of course the biggest and nicest of them all the Concert grand piano.

Whatever type of piano you have, Lift It Moving and Storage has moved it before and has all the necessary tools to get it done safely and professionally. We utilize the piano boards and specific piano 4 wheel dollies to get your piano from here to there in the most efficient and secure ways possible.

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Piano Moving Services

Piano moving is no small task. The sheer weight and size of pianos and organs make them difficult to handle for most people. In the hands of someone not trained in piano moving, an attempt to move a piano or organ can cause damage to the instrument and your home or building. Still, many people hesitate to call professional piano movers because they mistakenly believe the cost for piano moving is extremely high, or that the piano movers won’t show up on time. Rest assured that Lift It moving and Storage offers fair prices, and we treat your piano as if it was one of our own.


Lift It Moving is trained in moving the following pianos:

Upright Pianos

Vertical pianos are termed so due to their height, as well as string position. The height of this type of piano might differ from 36” – 60” and typically involve these 4 kinds:

Such piano’s height typically falls in between 40” and 43” and the width is almost 58”.

These include the smallest type of pianos with an approximate height of 36” – 38” with a width which approximates to almost 58”.

Such pianos, as the name suggests are trendy in musical studios and musical schools. There height will range from 45” – 48” and the width will stand typically at 58”.

Upright pianos include the tallest among vertical pianos with a height usually in the range of 50” – 60” with an approximate height of around 58”.


Grand Pianos

Such pianos are termed so due to their length, as well as the way in which their strings are placed. They also are referred to as Grand pianos with five basic kinds as described here:

Baby Grand
Such pianos include the most popular and broadly cherished pianos with a size that ranges from 4’11” to 5’7”.

Petite Grand
It’s the smallest of such pianos. It will range in size from 4’5” to 4’10”.

Such pianos also are referred to as semi-concert pianos, as well as usually are 7’ long.

Parlor Grand
Such pianos also are termed as a living room grand piano and will come in sizes from 5’9” to 6’1”.

Concert Grand
Such pianos include the largest of all types of grand pianos with a size standing at 9’.


What is Piano tuning? When is it required?

Piano tuning is the adjustment made to the strings to bring each string to it’s proper tension. Pianos need to be tuned when there is a change in atmosphere. So tuning with the change of the seasons is advised, about 6 weeks after. New pianos should be tuned 3- 4 times the first year. Whenever a piano is moved, whether in the house, across town or across the United States, make that appointment with your tuner. Pianos should be regulated every 5 years.


How do I care for my piano?

Your piano is not just a piece of furniture. It is more than likely an investment. It is not just an investment for monetary reasons, it is now an heirloom piece and emotional keepsake. Play your piano as much as possible. Be sure to maintain room temperature between 72 degrees and 75 degrees. Keeping humidity between 40- 50 %. Keep piano away from extremely dry areas. Always use a soft cloth when cleaning the cabinet of your piano.

Increasing the shine can best be achieved by using liquid wax. Clean the keys with a soft damp cloth. Keep the inside of our piano clean. Have a technician do this when it is being tuned.

If ever something is dropped inside the piano, STOP, call a technician. You can seriously damage your piano and become more costly if more damage were to occur.

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