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Lift It Moving and Storage is currently offering terrific job opportunities for full or part time positions. Opportunities include administrative and delivery. We offer competitive wages and flexible schedules.

We are always on the look out for friendly, enthusiastic, reliable, hard working people to join our ever growing team. If you feel you fit any description below, fill in our on line job application or email us your resume to or contact us to learn more.


Current Job Positions Posted



Job Details:

Scope of Responsibilities

  • To perform moving duties as assigned by the Foreman in accordance with Lift It policies.

Specific Duties

  • To arrive in Dispatch at the designated time, so that the crew can arrive at the job on-time
  • To perform all duties as assigned by the Foreman and in accordance with the prescribed procedures and appropriate tools
  • To remain in contact with the Foreman on a continuous basis, so as to receive any additional directions, provide status on the job and identify any areas of difficulty
  • To always refer customer’s questions regarding the contract, special requests, etc. to the Foreman

Personnel Requirements (education, training, experience, licensing, etc.)

  • Moving experience



Job details:

Scope of Responsibilities

  • To manage the activities of a crew of movers while always ensuring the level of quality which the customer expects from Lift It.

Specific Duties

To ensure that both movers and vehicle are prepared for departure:

  • To verify that all helpers are dressed appropriately: in uniform, clean shaven and neat
  • To inspect vehicles, check fluids: water, oil, etc., and review trucks prior to Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report prior to leaving Lift It.
  • To verify that all necessary supplies are already loaded onto truck
  • To acquire contract(s) for the day’s job(s) and inquire about any details, special requirements, etc. which apply to the day’s job(s)

To manage the job (according to its type):

  • To ensure that the truck is not parked illegally during the move (leave a note with specifics on truck anyway)
  • To introduce self and crew members to the customer(s)
  • To check house and determine if any moving supplies are necessary
  • To review the contract with the customer
  • To inform Dispatch that the job is beginning
  • To oversee the loading of the truck
  • To ensure that the crew handles the customer’s belongings correctly
  • To inform Dispatch upon completion of loading
  • To oversee the unloading of the job
  • Upon completion of the job, to close the contract, receive the “Amount Due”, call Dispatch to inform of completion of the job and inquire as to another job
  • To return to Lift It and Dispatch, return truck, submit completed contract with payment, complete Driver’s Vehicle Inspection Report

Personnel Requirements (education, training, experience, licensing, etc.)

  • Moving experience
  • Supervisory experience



Scope of Responsibilities

  • To dispatch the moves for the present day, schedule the moves for the next day and close all contracts at the end of the business day and any general tasks that are performed in the office.

Specific Duties

To dispatch moves for the present day:

  • Ensure that the scheduled movers are present in the morning on the appropriate truck for a specific job
  • To ensure that the movers will get to their scheduled jobs at the scheduled time that is on the file
  • To ensure that the movers look presentable (shaved, wearing uniform, etc.)
  • To ensure that the drivers checked the oil and water and that everything is ready to go.
  • To resolve the problems that come up while the movers are on the job
  • To ensure that the customer pays in full and by the agreed form of payment
  • If there are problems that the foreman cannot solve, to resolve those problems

To schedule the moves for the next day:

  • To ensure that the customers know about the scheduled move
  • To ensure that the appropriate movers have been scheduled for the job: i.e. commercial movers for commercial jobs, long distance movers for long distance jobs, etc.
  • To check with storage to determine which jobs go into storage
  • To check with storage which jobs go out of storage and the current location of each job
  • To check with the garage, on a daily basis, to make sure the trucks are prepared for the following day
  • To check about existing/continuing problems with certain trucks
  • To call the Sales Office and talk to the salesperson that is responsible for a particular job when something on the file is not that clear or when a problem arises so as to clear any potential problems for the next day, i.e. form of payment or the number of workers and trucks for a job

To close contracts and perform all necessary general office work:

  • To take the contracts from the Foreman as they return
  • To ensure that the amount on the contract(s) matches the money that the Foremen should have collected
  • To assign the movers’ and foremen’s working hours to payroll
  • To answer the phone and direct all calls to the appropriate individual

Personnel Requirements (education, training, experience, licensing, etc.)

  • Dispatch experience (preferably in the moving or related industry)
  • Sales and/or telemarketing experience (preferably in moving industry)


Telephone Sales

Scope of Responsibilities

  • To prepare estimates for residential and long distance moves.

Specific Duties

  • To provide accurate estimates on residential and long distance moves according to established guidelines
  • To determine whether it is necessary to conduct an on-site estimate
  • To conduct on-site estimates
  • To educate the customer as to the advantages of using Lift It
  • To make required follow-up calls to ensure customer satisfaction
  • To handle all incoming and follow-up calls which pertain to residential and long distance jobs
  • To maintain all paperwork applicable to residential and long distance jobs
  • To attend regular company meetings
  • To assist with other sales and marketing projects

Personnel Requirements (education, training, experience, licensing, etc.)

  • Sales and/or telemarketing experience (preferably in moving industry)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficient computer skills-Microsoft Office




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