Labor Only Moving

Labor Only Moving

Labor Only Moving Services- Moving Labor Help

Are you looking for a budget friendly moving option or want help for loading and unloading a portable storage or rental truck? At Lift It Moving and Storage, our labor only movers are well trained and well equipped to handle all your local moving and long-distance moves. Some people want their own space while packing their household goods don’t want full-service move and others want a budget friendly moving option? Labor only moving comes with all these advantages.

Lift It Moving and Storage offers affordable labor only moving services in Tampa and other areas of Florida and Northwest Arkansas. We have a team of skilled moving professionals that is ready to help you with all your labor only relocation needs. We are just a call away, pick your phone and call us to get top notch labor only moving services.

labor only moving

Why to Choose Labor Only moving Services?

Moving is often a busy and stressful job and taking professional help to make your move smooth and efficient can make all the differences in the world. There are many factors that go into the decision to hire Labor only moving services over a full-service move. Labor only moving is typically a more economical and customizable option.

Small Scale Moves

 When the distance of your move is relatively short or your home is moderately sized, it is comparatively easier for you to prepare for the moving day by yourself. Local moves imply shorter planning time, moderate home means fewer things to pack. Hiring Moving Labor only moving services is enough to power up your upcoming relocation and that too within your budget.

DIY Packing

Our labor only movers make use of best of class packing materials, supplies and techniques to ensure complete protection of all your belongings, however some people prefer packing things by themselves. DIY packing offers you the liberty to pack and wrap your boxes exactly as you want, just ensure using high quality moving boxes and supplies to withstand entire move.

Heavy Lifting, Loading & Unloading

Some people prefer DIY packing, most people would not want to handle all heavy lifting involved in a move of their own. Hire professional labor-only moving services to carry out everything for you. Lifting heavy furniture items, large electronic appliances etc. is a gruesome task especially if going upstairs and downstairs is involved. Hiring labor only movers will help you in all your heavy lifting, loading and unloading of trucks.


Hiring full service moving services is relatively costly than labor only moving services. Many people often tend to choose labor only moving to better suit their needs and budget. As far as pricing is considered, Lift It Moving and Storage offers both hourly or flat rates to help you decide which options suits you best.

Get free, no-obligation hourly-rate and flat-rate labor only moving quotes by using our online calculator, give us a call at 813-501-3440, or contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your next move!