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Moving Tips and FAQ’s

Make a List

It’s always good to know exactly what needs to be moved. Save yourself money by giving us an accurate idea of what we are showing up to do. This way, there are no questions on our part and the overall process will go much more smoothly for everyone.

Have Plenty of Supplies

One of the biggest problems we face is that people are not prepared come moving day. We don’t want to break your belongings but they need to be properly secured, boxed or wrapped. By having your things stowed away, labeled and sufficiently taped, we can better ensure safe and prompt delivery.

Utilize Wardrobe Boxes

Nothing is more time consuming than making multiple trips with clothing. Most times, these mundane trips result in additional charges and a waste of time for both of us. Wardrobe boxes allow us to spend far lesser time on the little things and focus on the items that you really need moved, your heavy furniture.

Put the Pooch Away

We love dogs just as much as you do. However, pets are completely unaware of what is taking place and think the movers are just new friends to play with. Help us out by making sure that your furry friend has a temporary nap space, away from the heavy lifting.

Label and Color Coordinate

The point of hiring movers is completely useless if you have to completely rearrange everything when we leave. Stickers and labels are an easy way to maximize our efficiency and minimize your work for later.

Make Plans and Arrangements Prior to our Arrival

Due to the volume of jobs we perform during our peak seasons, time is the most valuable resource we have. Waiting for paperwork to be filled out with the storage facility or losing track of the keys at your new apartment means that the job that follows yours will be forced to wait around for us.

How much will our move cost?

All of our jobs are taken into consideration in terms of pricing and which option best suits our customers particular needs. Smaller requests are given an hourly rate, whereas larger jobs require a site survey, free of charge, followed by a fixed rate price.

How can we save on our move?

Preparation is crucial when it comes to saving. Many of our customers do not fully understand the scope of work involved with moving day and we honestly do not expect them to. However, any plans that can be made ahead of time will greatly reduce the final cost of the move. Check out our Moving Tips for more.

Why are we charging for travel time?

Unfortunately, moving people is not like making a hamburger. We have many variables that we must deal with that drastically change from job-to-job. We assign certain cost drivers to develop our pricing and travel time is one of those factors. Essentially, even though the movers may or may not be doing any physical work at the time of travel, they are still on the clock and there is opportunity cost involved in allocating that time for your moving needs.

Do we have to rent our own truck?

We have developed strategic relationships with truck rental companies, nearby. This allows us to keep our overhead low and relationally, your moving price extremely competitive. We found that not everyone needs a big old whopper sized truck and this allows us to provide a price that does not make your heart drop when you receive your final invoice. You are more than welcome to rent your own box truck but it is a service we provide and most of our customers rely on us for the mode of transporting their goods.

My roommate and I are moving together, do we get a discount?

Bundles are the very best way to save money with moving, hands down. There are several fixed costs involved with moving and if you can share that burden with another/several individuals, we can divide that out and save you crazy money. We encourage this so much that we do offer discounted, hourly rates.

When do I have to pay for my move?

Upon returning from the battlefield, our movers give our administrators the details on the job time, mileage driven and supplies used. That administrator will re-calculate the figures, compare that to the original quote and send a final invoice, via email. On moving day, focus on moving. We’ll worry about payment when the job is done and you have had time to catch your breath and relax.

What time should I expect my movers to arrive?

Typically, you can expect your movers anywhere between 30-45 mins of the appointment. Our movers have to gather their supplies, review the briefing materials to fully understand the scope of work and then map out the logistics; all before they even arrive on-site. We need our guys to be prepared. Having to return to CMC HQ for supplies or tools wastes valuable time, much more so than taking a few minutes to get things right the first time.

What do I need to do before they get here?

If you could put yourself in our shoes, so to speak, what would help you in moving things out of your residence? I think you would be amazed at what you realized might cause us some trouble. Here are a few things we’ve seen:

-Dogs getting in the way or having to close and open the door constantly to keep them inside.
-Pathways not clear
-Items not labelled
-Failing to set aside a person to give instruction and/or direction
-Separating what needs to be moved and what is staying or going in another vehicle.

**Again, refer to Mover Tips for more

While the movers are here, what should I be doing?

The best moves roll smoothly when the customer is organized, has done everything he/she can do to be prepared by putting loose items in a box or bin and then stays two steps ahead of where the movers are. Every once in a while, we have a customer try to tell us how they think the job should be done. Although this may or may not be the best course of action to take, there is probably a reason our movers were trained to do things a particular way. Our movers will always do what the customer is asking of them but understand that practice makes perfect and if they are accustomed to doing things a certain way, it likely gives them the best probability for success. Packing is another option for customers that are falling a bit behind or did not have an adequate opportunity to prepare.

What info do I need?

When we have faced issues in the past, some of them stem from a variety of circumstantial situations. Here are a few to keep in mind:

-Will you personally be available throughout the duration of the move. If not, do you have anything typed up or written out that could be handed to a friend or family member to keep things flowing?
-Do you have the gate access code to the self-storage facility or apartment complex?
-What time does storage close?
-What time does the Leasing Office close should you have not received your keys, yet?
-If your roommate is out of town and you are handling the moving responsibilities, do you know the specifics regarding her belongings?
-Should we experience inclement weather, have you mapped out a plan for when you could reschedule?

Are you licensed & insured?

Check and double check. Furthermore, any moving company that can not produce proof of this information should be avoided and far from your consideration. Moving companies pay a great deal of money to ensure they are doing things in accordance to the law. Anyone that tries to cut corners by attempting to stay under the radar is not only liable to legal consequences but you, as the customer, run a serious risk in not having a way to receive fair or any compensation for any/all damaged items during the move. A person is physically able to drive a vehicle without a driver’s license but that does not mean it’s legal. We take this seriously as a company of integrity.

Can you guys do long distance moves?

We have conducted moves all over the United States and always love a new challenge. We would love to find you the best and most viable options, especially for the longer distance jobs that can be quite costly. Make sure to ask about these options as they can save a tremendous amount of money.

Do you move pianos?

Upright Pianos: Yes
Baby Grand Pianos: Yes

What about pool tables or gun safes?

Pool Tables: Yes
Gun Safes: Yes (must be empty)

For more useful moving tips visit our blog