this your first or 11th time moving?

The average person is expected to move up to 11 times in their lifetime. No matter how much you’ve moved, we want to make sure your move is made simpler.

Moving is already such a dreaded event in your life.

You have to coordinate, pack your belongings, and find a crew to move you if you decide to hire a local moving company. Bribing your friends and family with some pizza and beer is not all it’s thought up to be now-a-days. Of course, they love you and want to help you, but you don’t want to burden them with moving day stresses.

So, we are going to break this down step by step to ensure you experience the customized moving experience that works for you! Maybe that means you hire help; maybe it doesn’t. So long as your move goes smoothly, then we’ve achieved our goal.

Here is part one of ten in our Moving Guide 101.

What type of moving help fits your needs?

You’re flying solo. This is the type of move where you can do it all on your own or maybe find some friends and family members to help you move. It’s the cheapest way to go if you want to save money, but it can end up costing you your weekend and back. The least you can do is offer them some beer and pizza after it’s over, so it’s not completely cost free.

Need Help

You’re moving across the street or cross-country move. You won’t break your back and won’t break your bank, if you plan ahead. Ask yourself, “What kind of help do I need?” Do you need a full service mover, someone help with a getting a truck, load it, drive it and unload it? Or are you looking for just moving labor and you drive that big truck yourself? You can have someone else can do all the work on moving day!