hen it comes to moving, portable storage containers are now a popular way to relocate and many people are going this route.

Take a closer look at our guide to storage containers. We hope this will make a difference in your future moving plans. Here is part five of our Moving Guide 101.

Portable storage companies offer a “you pack, we drive” option for your move. This allows people to pack their belongings into containers. The company simply picks it up and transports the container to wherever your new home is. You will choose a delivery date for your shipping container, pack your stuff or hire some moving help.

After you’re done loading, you call the shipping company, they send the driver with a truck and the company will ship it to your new destination. Whether you move local or cross-country, the prices vary by distance.

Some people prefer this option because it is most convenient for them to have someone else drive a big truck cross-country with their storage container. The three most popular storage container options are PODS Pack Rat, and U-Pack.


This service is the first portable storage category. PODS deliver one or two containers; you have the choice of loading it at your pace, move it to a storage facility or home destination.

You get to unload it at your pace (that’s right you can take two days, or two weeks) and they will pick it up whenever you wish. This option is a little pricier than other moving options but you get to control your move and it may be suitable for your moving needs.

The downside of PODS is their online system. It does not provide you with online rates. The site seems to be a little frustrating and you’re better off calling and talking to someone about the rates. You may have to schedule weeks in advance due to their popularity and busy summer months.

PODS Rate Average

Local under 50 miles = $737
Medium move 50-250 mi. = $1,376
Long Distance 250+ mi. = $5,351


Pack Rat is another company and another member of the “you pack, we drive” company. They will ship the container and drive it for you. Pack Rat is a smaller company so there may not be many locations available in your area.

Just like PODS, Pack Rat allows customers to use the container for as long as they’d like to pack or unpack. Prices vary and you’ll have to call customer service to get pricing. Their online system does not offer online quotes.

PACK RAT Rate Average

Local under 50 miles = $715
Medium move 50-250 mi. = $1,373
Long Distance 250+ mi. = $3,425


U-Pack offers a trailer or ReloCube, which is a steel box (only comes in one size – 70″ x 82″ x 93″ DWH); you can rent more than one. Once you load all of your belongings, a driver then comes and picks up the box or trailer, drives it to the new destination where you will unload it.

U-Pack is part of the ABF Freight System, Inc. family, and it can move you anywhere in the country within two to five business days. Unlike PODS and PackRat, with U-Pack, you cannot load or unload at your convenience. You have three business days on either end for loading and unloading.

The service may be a little pricey than renting and driving a truck but for some, it may be a preferred option. These services are perfect for those too scared to drive moving trucks. On the plus side, U-Pack’s online system offers online quotes.

U-PACK Rate Average

Local under 50 miles = NA
Medium move 50-250 mi. = $1,228
Long Distance 250+ mi. = $2,424

moving help

So if you’ve made your decision about using portable storage containers for your next move, great! If not, give us a call at 1-877-618-0066 so we can talk to you about different moving options.

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