If you need to move today, we can probably do that. If you require a written in-home estimate, you should call about 7 days to 2 weeks before your move. We generally just ask you to give us as much notice as you can.

In brief …

Be present during the packing of your belongings.

Take personal responsibility for jewelry and other high value items.

Check and sign the inventory of your belongings.

Ensure that no prohibited items are packed.

Generally speaking, dispose of all flammable items, liquids, foods and other items that should not be shipped. Anything that can deteriorate should not be shipped. If you have a question about something, just call and ask.

Well, mainly those things you might expect – prescriptions, alcohol, weapons, ammunition. Shipping certain high value items or collections may require you to purchase extra coverage.

We do not transport cars as part of a state to state move. However, we can recommend a local auto transporter.

If you are unable to take immediate possession of your home or if you need to store for other reasons, your belongings can be stored for a reasonable fee.

Why not? But be aware of the potential problems. For instance, valuation coverage will not pay out on goods packed by their owner, unless the exterior of the box is damaged.

Every home is different but we can normally pack a home in 1-2 days.

Yes, you can. Just be sure not to leave anything solid that can damage the piece.

Lift It Moving and Storage recommends that you contact us as early in the process as possible to allow enough time for Lift It Moving and Storage to walk you through the relocation process. Statistically, the greater the time frame, the easier the transition. If you require a written estimate to be mailed to you, please contact us 3- 6 weeks prior to your desired move-in date. If you require same day or two-day services, Lift It Moving and Storage can still help. Call us today!

Generally speaking, you should be present during the packing of your belongings and remove any personal items that you highly value (i.e. Jewelry, etc.). We ask that you check and sign your inventory check-in list and ensure that no prohibited items are packed.

Lift It Moving and Storage is prohibited by state law to transport any flammable items, drugs, alcohol or weapons/ammunition of any type. Additionally we request that you transport all liquor, foods and other consumables. Please give contact your Lift It Moving and Storage Relocation Consultant with any questions. We will be happy to answer your questions.

If you should have items packed of high value (e.g. art, antiques, collectibles), you may be required to purchase additional coverage to insure them. While we encourage you pack your belongings yourself, it is important for you to be aware of certain insurance policies and restrictions (i.e. valuation coverage does not pay out unless there is damage to the exterior of the box).

Currently, Lift It Moving and Storage works hand in hand with partner companies to safely transfer motor vehicles.

While it is hard to determine an approximate packing timeline, as there are many variables involved (i.e. square footage of home, number of rooms, bedrooms, people, years of occupancy, etc.), Lift It Moving and Storage can normally pack a home in 1-2 days.

Generally speaking, we recommend that you do not leaving anything that can break or anything that can damage the piece of furniture.

Valuation Coverage insures your things on all local and interstate shipments at not cost. Specifically, you receive 60 cents per pound per article. At your request, Full Replacement Valuation is available to cover the full value of your goods. Should you choose to elect this coverage, you will be charged a premium on the declared amount; premiums vary according to the specifics of your move.