You cannot do a task without the proper tools. When you relocate to a new home, you must pack everything using adequate materials.  In this blog post we will present you 5 essential moving supplies needed when moving in Miami.

  • Boxes. You cannot start a move without having these key supplies. You will need boxes of all sizes. What matters the most for them is to be durable and without any physical flaw or damage. Special boxes must be both for fragile items and kits for bottles and glasses. For electronics is recommended to use the original boxes, if you still have them and they are in good condition.
  • Cushioning and packing materials. They insure that the content of a box does not shift or breaks during the transport. The most common used materials are: Styrofoam, packing peanuts. Bubble wrap and polystyrene foam. Just add sufficient layers around the objects and on top and bottom of each box.
  • Lifting and moving gear. In most cases, this type of equipment is available only for professional movers. But you can still buy a dolly or a hand truck and some moving pads for your furniture. All of them will speed up the process and will make the relocation easier and more pleasant.
  • Labels. We typically like to label our boxes manually, using a marker. But you can buy from office supplies stores various premade labels. Labeling is an essential part of the process and it will help you place the boxes in the cargo hold.
  • Special cases. If you are transporting musical instruments (violin, flutes, etc.) you will surely need to transport them via a specially designed case. Also, some equipment, kits and tools must be transported in special cases.

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