Residential and Commercial Storage

Lift It moving and Storage storage services you’ll always have enough space, whether it’s for household, commercial or special needs items. You can be assured that, no matter what you store, your belongings will be safe and secure with us.

Our full-service warehouse and storage staff will handle everything, whether you need long or short-term storage. Our experienced professionals create a complete inventory of your possessions with a detailed description of the condition of each. Then we move them to our secure warehouse where they’re carefully packed and securely stored.

Our warehouse and storage facilities team can provide a solution for any type of space problem you may have. Whether you need more space at home or at the office, we have the facilities and capabilities to handle all of your storage needs.

Over-Night Truck Storage
If you need to be out of your current location suddenly or unexpectedly, yet can’t get into your new location until the next day, we have a solution for you. Lift It Moving and Storage can pick up your items and keep them securely on one of our trucks over night, and then deliver them the next morning to your new location.